Looking for Piano/keyboard lessons?

Student band and vocalists/dancers!
Student band and vocalists/dancers!


Piano/keyboard lessons located at The Cork School of Music

Come to study Keyboard at the Academy! Learn and understand how to play chord progressions and solo lines accurately. Play by ear, read music chord charts and complex riffs and identify advanced harmony, while constantly improving your keyboard technique. Go through various styles and learn everything from Blues Piano over Funk and Jazz, to catchy Pop songs and Ballad accompaniment. Whether it is “Adele” or “Arctic Monkeys”, you will learn it all here. Be part of frequent concerts and events where you will showcase what you have learned. If you want to play with others, learn how accompany a singer or instrumentalist or join a band, then this is the place to go to. Enrolling now for students aged 10 to 20 – REGISTER ONLINE TODAY AT www.theacademyofpopuarmusic.ie

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